Driver working time. Drivers' timesheets. Tacho charts. Digital tachograph and driver card download. RTD report. Tachospeed - software for transport companies.

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Infolab company develops computer software. We specialize in system developments for transport undertakers.

Some of our customers are Wojewódzka Inspekcja Transportu Drogowego in Katowice, TESCO and Digital Foto Lab Fotonet.

Tachospeed system is not the only software offered to the wide range of users. One of our earlier projects is E-foto multiple agent developed for Fotonet.

Our experience in B2B services have a cosiderable impact on improving the quality of services delivered to individual customers.

Infolab company is a member of Grupa Aktywni which main objective is to promote the development of the Polish net and to emphasize the need for computer system developments in Polish companies.



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