Czas pracy kierowcy. Ewidencja czasu pracy kierowców. Tacho, tarczki. Odczyt kart kierowców i tachografów cyfrowych. Raport ITD.

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Software Tachospeed
Tachospeed MONO1£85£75£95
Tachospeed BAZA2£95£85£105
Tachospeed BAZA+13£105£95£115
Tachospeed START4£115£105£125
Tachospeed START+15£155£145£165
Tachospeed START+26£195£185£205
Tachospeed START+37£235£225£255
Tachospeed MINI8£245£235£275
Tachospeed MINI+19£285£275£315
Tachospeed MINI+210£325£315£355
Tachospeed MINI+311£365£355£385
Tachospeed MIDI12£375£365£425
Tachospeed MIDI+113£415£405£465
Tachospeed MIDI+214£455£445£540
Tachospeed MIDI+315£495£485£545
Tachospeed MEGA16£505£495£575
Tachospeed MEGA+117£545£535£615
Tachospeed MEGA+218£585£575£635
Tachospeed MEGA+319£625£615£695
Tachospeed PRO>20<50£635£625£705
Tachospeed PRO+1>50<100£675£665£765
Tachospeed PRO+2>100<200£715£705£805
Tachospeed MAX>200£755£745£855
Software extensions Tachospeed
Software extensionsPrice
Extended Control Module£110
Extension for one truck£55
Extension for more computer (multi)£200
Analogue Module£110
Digital Module£110
Atestation 561£110
Tachospeed Lite£100


The list contains net prices which do not include VAT 0%.

What else do we offer?

Methods of payment

We offer the following payment methods:

Order placement

You can order the software and its accessories by means of the order form.

The order can be placed by phone or by e-mail.

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