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Tachospped updates

Before you update your software, have a look at:

Before you update your software, it is recommended to make a copy of the database since you will not be able to restore the previous software version.
It is enough to update the software to the latest version. You do not have to install all the updates one by one.
Before installing update 2.35 or higher it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.
The following updates function with 2.00 version or later versions. Please do not install these updates with 1.99 version or earlier versions.

Tachospeed update 2.82 (20.11.2017 r.)

Download Tachospeed update 2.82 (Plik EXE, 164.97 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.80 (28.09.2017 r.)

Download Tachospeed update 2.80 (Plik EXE, 164.46 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.79 (31.08.2017 r.)

New functionality:

  • Introduction of a enquiry before closing the program

Analogue module:

Old analogue module

  • Improvements to the visibility on reports, comments added while browsing the charts.

Other Improvements

  • Introduced new component for the report’s tree

Foreign countries

  • Introduced weekly working time report for Serbia

Download Tachospeed update 2.79 (Plik EXE, 164.43 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.78 (26.07.2017 r.)

New functionalities:

  • The possibility to generate the attestation of activities under regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 or AETR in three languages was introduced

Digital module:

  • Optimisation of digital file import
  • Improvements to calendar view display
  • Country symbols added to the interactive activity preview

Analogue module:

New chart module:

  • The possibility of ferry support in the analysis added
  • Improvements to the compatibility of analogue modules
  • Optimisation of templates in the archive
  • Other improvements to the NCM functionality

Old chart module:

  • Optimisation of the process of calculating kilometres in the archive
  • Improvements to the visibility of information from checkboxes in the chart note report

Other improvements:

  • Improvements to the report tree efficiency
  • Improvements to the menu ergonomics in the main program bar
  • Driver editor functionality expanded by the option to enter the PESEL number consisting of 15 characters
  • Improvements to the city editor functionality

Foreign countries:

  • Introduction of the analysis for coach transport services in Bosnia and Croatia
  • Changes to the Croatian tariff schedule

Download Tachospeed update 2.78 (Plik EXE, 163.58 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.77 (11.05.2017 r.)

New functionality:

  • Introduction of the driver’s unknown periods report

Digital module:

  • Functionality of the “Read data from tachograph” button was restored
  • Additional improvements to the digital module

Analogue module:

New chart module:

  • Introduction of ferry support in the analysis
  • Filtering improvements in the NCM archive
  • Optimisation of RAM use while loading record sheets
  • Introduction of chart view with a ring for border crossings
  • Improvements to checkbox functionality
  • Introduction of the “Show differences in kilometres” and “Show differences in cities” functionalities in the archive
  • Problem updating dates in record books solved
  • OCM -> NCM compatibility improvement
  • Other improvements to the NCM functionality

Old chart module:

  • Quicker entering of large numbers of activities in the record sheet
  • Improvements to the functionality connected with the division of activities into one-minute ones
  • Preliminary infringement interpretation was restored

Other improvements:

  • Improvements to the driver editor window view
  • Introduction of the option to generate a debug file from an error
  • Improvements to the import of large databases
  • Driver’s activities import with incomplete import of the second driver’s activities works correctly
  • Improvements to the option of refreshing the reminder
  • Other improvements increasing the comfort of using the software


  • Information on no technical support for Windows Vista

Foreign countries:

  • Ukrainian tariff schedule was introduced
  • WTD report for Croatia was introduced
  • Night time inspection report for Portugal was introduced

Download Tachospeed update 2.77 (Plik EXE, 160.85 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.76.1 HOTFIX (24.01.2017 r.)

New functionality:

  • [ITD report]
  • [EU working time calculation]
    • Introduction of a posting certificate for Italy
    • Introduction of working time calculation for Italy
    • Introduction of working time calculation for Austria
    • Introduction of additional components for working time calculation for France:
      • Night working hours
      • Sunday and holiday hours
    • [New chart module]
      • Employee performance analysis by chart loading time
      • Keyboard shortcut for entering cities (“M”)
    • [Transics]

Other improvements:

  • [Digital module]
    • Adding and removing files on the repository list functions correctly now
  • [Analogue module]
    • Numbers on the readout grid are sorted correctly now
    • [NCM – new chart module]
      • Improved kilometre information refreshing with activity changes
      • Semi-trailers are correctly displayed in the Data tab and they can be assigned to charts
      • Charts can be printed from the chart archive
    • [Driver editor]
      • Changes for many drivers, outside of the company, as well as the nationality and the labour law are possible.
    • [Other]
      • Reports generated directly to PDF (posting certificates, English and Bosnian inspection report) support characters outside the standard Latin alphabet and other alphabets
      • Rare issue causing double reports to appear on the report tree was fixed
      • Other minor upgrades improving the comfort of using the software


  • Instructions on entering posting certificates for Italy
  • Updated information in the instruction on the working time outside of the country (EU working time) HOTFIX

List of changes:

Improvements and upgrades regarding the OCM (old chart module):

  • Improved performance of the chart editor (entering charts into the program), e.g.:
  • entering activities
  • entering distance traces
  • Improved division of 2-minute activities in the editor
  • Correction of change saving on charts in the archive (browsing record sheets)
  • Improved reading of information about places from charts in the business trip and registry module

Download Tachospeed update 2.76.1 (Plik EXE, 137.56 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.75 (02.12.2016 r.)

New functionality:

  • [Reports]
    • The option of automatic cleaning of the report tree in the Report window was added (option: Settings/Reports menu)
    • The option to print out all of the reports generated on the given day
  • [Generated reports] Information about summary inspection/offence reports was added to the information on the generated reports
  • [Working time calculation France] Additional fields were introduced to the driver and company editor making it possible to complete all the information needed to fill out the CERFA 15553*01 document
  • [Reminder] The date of issuing the posting certificate for France was added
  • [Data import] Import of activities from XLS files of the GPS ComboClient3 and SaveStore systems
  • [New chart module]
    • The activity readout radius was added
    • AutoComplete of the DATA tab when entering charts (applies to the registration plate number and the odometer reading)
    • The option to add several activities by holding the CTRL button was introduced
  • [Digital view] The option to print out the calendar was restored
  • [Registry] The option to add numbers to all the pages in the registry report or disable page numbering was introduced
  • [Foreign countries]
    • [Police module] The police module for Bosnia and Herzegovina was introduced
    • [Police module] The police module for England was introduced
    • [Russia] Digital signature validation for vehicle files was introduced (SKZI)

Other improvements:

  • [Activation] New activation module – supports small letters of the activation code
  • [Business trips] The readability of the window with low resolutions was improved
  • [Digital import] Import of the date of birth from the driver’s file
  • [Working time calculation EU] The amplitude is calculated between the daily rest periods and does not include the period of leaving France between them
  • [Registry] DE, NO, FR editing – the way the “Save” button works was improved
  • [OCM]
    • Entry, readout, and analysis of distance traces was improved
    • The functionality of the “Undo last operation” option was expanded
  • [NCM]
    • The duplex chart reading option was added
    • Chart editing in the Charts/Browse menu was improved
    • When importing charts from file, the first chart on the list is highlighted
    • Entry, readout, and analysis of distance traces was improved
    • The functionality of the “Change” button for cities in the Charts/Browse menu was improved
    • Summing up hours on the charts was improved
    • Time display in the Readouts table was improved
    • Refreshing view in the chart editing menu was improved
    • Saving cities was improved
    • Setting chart entry date
    • The functionalities connected with the “Undo last operation” option were improved
    • Activity overlapping on the charts was blocked
    • Summing up and display of information about kilometres on the charts was improved
    • The option to skip charts if the centre was not found was added
    • Readout and analysis when changing the hour 12:00 hand and the hand indicating the insertion time was improved
    • Editing after driver change on a saved chart was improved
    • The option to remove charts in the Charts/Browse menu was added
  • [Foreign countries]
    • Russia: Readout of information about the local time was improved
    • Belarus: Reminder about tachograph readout every 28 days was improved

Download Tachospeed update 2.75 (Plik EXE, 152.60 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.74 (16.09.2016 r.)

New functionality:

  • [Working time calculation France] All the information necessary to calculate working time in France for long-haul drivers was added
    • calculating the amplitude according to custom user settings
    • calculating hours and overtime resulting from French regulations according to the user’s selection
      • flat rate – weekly
      • monthly
      • depending on the Polish settlement period
  • [Working time calculation France] Employee posting certificates for France were introduced, certificate 15553-01 is completed automatically with basic company and employee data
  • [Digital module] Bulk import of digital files (beta version)
    • bulk preview of imported file status
    • preview of information about the files by driver and vehicle
    • the only user intervention is required at the moment of adding vehicles/drivers to the database before the proper import of data begins
    • bulk summary of the entire import
  • [Control module] Protocol for English inspection in the English version of the extended control module (ECM)
  • [Registry] The “end of settlement period (on the next calendar day)” option was introduced, making it possible to cut off the end of each settlement period
  • [Business trips] An option switching off the analysis of rest periods at nighttime in Poland was added
  • [Reminder] The option to print out only the active window with reminders

Other improvements:

  • [Reminder] Correctly displays information about reminders regardless of the changed databases
  • [Reminder] Reminder about tachograph read date is correctly set to 90 days
  • [Working time calculation Countries] Working time calculation for countries regardless of data saved or automatic place analysis was unified
  • [Main options] The option to open reports after generating them in PDF does not display them after unchecking
  • [Reports] Reports for DE, NO, FR correctly add information about the employee to the report name
  • [Registry] Registry hints hide after another window/application is opened
  • [OCM] Working on enlarged charts was improved
  • [NCM] The functioning of the New Chart Module was improved
  • other improvements streamlining the functioning of the program

Download Tachospeed update 2.74 (Plik EXE, 150.19 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.73 (01.08.2016 r.)

General changes in the software:

  • A new version of reports
  • Creating report history
  • An overview of the generated reports in the main menu
  • An option to print many reports
  • Bulk deletion of reports
  • An option to open several reports
  • Instrukcja do nowego okna raportów
  • A new context menu facilitating the processing of reports was added


  • Registry filters for abroad were added
  • An option to adjust the settings of working time calculation for each country individually


  • Bosnian language was introduced

Download Tachospeed update 2.73 (Plik EXE, 145.04 MB)

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