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Tachospped updates

Before you update your software, have a look at:

Before you update your software, it is recommended to make a copy of the database since you will not be able to restore the previous software version.
It is enough to update the software to the latest version. You do not have to install all the updates one by one.
Before installing update 2.35 or higher it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.
The following updates function with 2.00 version or later versions. Please do not install these updates with 1.99 version or earlier versions.

Tachospeed update 2.711 (22.03.2016 r.)

General changes in the software:

  • New base selection window (NEW)
  • New reminder window (NEW)
  • New home screen window (NEW)
  • New selection bar in main views (NEW)
  • An option to import information about crossing borders from Framelogic was introduced (NEW)
  • Changes to tables in the program (e.g. editors)
  • Changes to the views of program options (main options, registry)
  • Additional information about activation and activation issues was introduced
  • Other minor alterations improving the comfort of using the software

Control module:

  • A uniform inspection report window for individual and summary reports was introduced
  • Control analysis for the regulations in force on Spanish islands was introduced (NEW)
  • Slovenian tariff schedule was introduced (NEW)
  • Changes related to the introduction of the EURO currency in Lithuania were introduced to the Lithuanian tariff schedule
  • New Serbian tariff schedule and changes concerning Serbian regulations were introduced

Registry module:

  • Working time calculation for France was introduced (NEW)
  • An option to settle the registry by vehicle, depending on the company it was assigned to, was introduced (NEW)
  • When entering activities in the action window, information about these activities appears correctly in the calendar

Digital module:

  • Card readout from universal readers was improved
  • Changes to the functioning of the speed graph

Analogue module:

  • The option of entering stopover charts with charts including several days was removed
  • Improvements in the operation of the beta version of the New Chart Module
  • New scanning module (NEW)

Allowance module:

  • The option to settle expenses incurred abroad as a lump sum was introduced
  • Settling expenses for trips lasting exactly 1d 8h was improved
  • New allowance rates effective as of 1 March 2016

Download Tachospeed update 2.711 (Plik EXE, 144 MB)

Tachospeed HOTFIX 2.701 (02.12.2015)

General changes in the software:

  • the process of generating inspection reports concerning very serious infringements was improved
  • the readout of information about places and exceeded limits from the chart for the purposes of controlling working time in Germany and Norway was improved
  • the date of the statement for the “Infringement Statement” report is set to the system date by default
  • Serbian language encoding was improved
  • Time limit fields in the driver editor for the non-police version were unlocked

Download Tachospeed update 2.701 (Plik EXE, 169 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.70 (23.10.2015)

General changes in the software::

  • An option to select the version of the attestation of activities according to individual preferences
  • The process of switching from the calendar to the window for generating attestations of activities was improved
  • Information about the employee and the report title were added to the printout of the overall list of attestations of activities and to the printout of editing working hours in Germany/Norway
  • The prompt concerning the vehicle for the digital data in the calendar was restored
  • Complete translations for 12 languages were introduced
  • Other minor alterations improving the comfort of using the software

Control module:

  • Risk assessment report was made more detailed

Timesheet module:

  • Bilingual working time report for Germany was introduced (NEW!)
  • Bilingual working time report for Norway was introduced (NEW!)
  • Summary timesheet report and Invidual timesheet report– information about the TOIL settings was added

Digital module:

  • Digital data import report from the driver’s file was introduced (NEW)
  • Digital data import report from the vehicle’s file was introduced (NEW)

Analogue module:

  • Option to test the new chart edit module was introduced
  • Minimum active time from 1 minute (Old Chart Module) was restored
  • Improvements in the operation of the beta version of the New Chart Module

In order to activate the module, please go to the program’s general settings, select the chart edit tab, and tick the option: Use the new chart recognition module.


  • Croatian: information about activities is now correctly shown on calendar and activities window
  • Corrected time zones for Russia

Changes included from older versions:

General changes in the software:

  • New vehicle, driver, and semi-trailer editors (2.69)

Control module:

  • Italian penalties were added (2.69)
  • Detection of weekly resting periods for the purposes of Serbian regulations was adjusted (2.69)

Timesheet module:

  • Working time calculation for Norway was added (2.69)
  • An absence report may also be created for employees with no absences during the selected accounting period (2.69)
  • An option to disable creating registry reports for employees with no activity during an accounting period (in the program’s main options) (2.69)
  • The readout of the borders of the saved business trip files for the purposes of calculating working time for Germany and Norway was improved (2.69)
  • Working time calculation for Germany and Norway includes activities from outside the accounting period that could have influenced the first and the last day. (2.69)

Digital module:

  • A new module for downloading data via FTP (2.69)
  • Modified operation of some types of tachographs during readout (2.69)

Analogue module:

  • Option to test the new chart edit module was first introduced (2.69)

Download Tachospeed update 2.70 (Plik EXE, 142 MB)

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