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Tachospped updates

Before you update your software, have a look at:

Before you update your software, it is recommended to make a copy of the database since you will not be able to restore the previous software version.
It is enough to update the software to the latest version. You do not have to install all the updates one by one.
Before installing update 2.35 or higher it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.
The following updates function with 2.00 version or later versions. Please do not install these updates with 1.99 version or earlier versions.


Tachospeed update 2.74 (16.09.2016 r.)

New functionality:

  • [Working time calculation France] All the information necessary to calculate working time in France for long-haul drivers was added
    • calculating the amplitude according to custom user settings
    • calculating hours and overtime resulting from French regulations according to the user’s selection
      • flat rate – weekly
      • monthly
      • depending on the Polish settlement period
  • [Working time calculation France] Employee posting certificates for France were introduced, certificate 15553-01 is completed automatically with basic company and employee data
  • [Digital module] Bulk import of digital files (beta version)
    • bulk preview of imported file status
    • preview of information about the files by driver and vehicle
    • the only user intervention is required at the moment of adding vehicles/drivers to the database before the proper import of data begins
    • bulk summary of the entire import
  • [Control module] Protocol for English inspection in the English version of the extended control module (ECM)
  • [Registry] The “end of settlement period (on the next calendar day)” option was introduced, making it possible to cut off the end of each settlement period
  • [Business trips] An option switching off the analysis of rest periods at nighttime in Poland was added
  • [Reminder] The option to print out only the active window with reminders

Other improvements:

  • [Reminder] Correctly displays information about reminders regardless of the changed databases
  • [Reminder] Reminder about tachograph read date is correctly set to 90 days
  • [Working time calculation Countries] Working time calculation for countries regardless of data saved or automatic place analysis was unified
  • [Main options] The option to open reports after generating them in PDF does not display them after unchecking
  • [Reports] Reports for DE, NO, FR correctly add information about the employee to the report name
  • [Registry] Registry hints hide after another window/application is opened
  • [OCM] Working on enlarged charts was improved
  • [NCM] The functioning of the New Chart Module was improved
  • other improvements streamlining the functioning of the program

Download Tachospeed update 2.74 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.73 (01.08.2016 r.)

General changes in the software:

  • A new version of reports
  • Creating report history
  • An overview of the generated reports in the main menu
  • An option to print many reports
  • Bulk deletion of reports
  • An option to open several reports
  • Instrukcja do nowego okna raportów
  • A new context menu facilitating the processing of reports was added


  • Registry filters for abroad were added
  • An option to adjust the settings of working time calculation for each country individually


  • Bosnian language was introduced

Download Tachospeed update 2.73 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)

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