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Tachospped updates

Before you update your software, have a look at:

Before you update your software, it is recommended to make a copy of the database since you will not be able to restore the previous software version.
It is enough to update the software to the latest version. You do not have to install all the updates one by one.
Before installing update 2.35 or higher it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.
The following updates function with 2.00 version or later versions. Please do not install these updates with 1.99 version or earlier versions.

Tachospeed update 2.72 (16.06.2016 r.)

General changes in the software:

  • New activation module (NEW)
  • New speed report (NEW)
  • Other minor alterations improving the comfort of using the software

Police module:

  • An option to generate attachments to protocol when no traffic infringements were found (561/AETR) was introduced

Digital module

  • Improved module scaling with lower resolutions

Analogue module

  • Improvements in the operation of the settings of the old chart module

Download Tachospeed update 2.72 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.711 (22.03.2016 r.)

General changes in the software:

  • New base selection window (NEW)
  • New reminder window (NEW)
  • New home screen window (NEW)
  • New selection bar in main views (NEW)
  • An option to import information about crossing borders from Framelogic was introduced (NEW)
  • Changes to tables in the program (e.g. editors)
  • Changes to the views of program options (main options, registry)
  • Additional information about activation and activation issues was introduced
  • Other minor alterations improving the comfort of using the software

Control module:

  • A uniform inspection report window for individual and summary reports was introduced
  • Control analysis for the regulations in force on Spanish islands was introduced (NEW)
  • Slovenian tariff schedule was introduced (NEW)
  • Changes related to the introduction of the EURO currency in Lithuania were introduced to the Lithuanian tariff schedule
  • New Serbian tariff schedule and changes concerning Serbian regulations were introduced

Registry module:

  • Working time calculation for France was introduced (NEW)
  • An option to settle the registry by vehicle, depending on the company it was assigned to, was introduced (NEW)
  • When entering activities in the action window, information about these activities appears correctly in the calendar

Digital module:

  • Card readout from universal readers was improved
  • Changes to the functioning of the speed graph

Analogue module:

  • The option of entering stopover charts with charts including several days was removed
  • Improvements in the operation of the beta version of the New Chart Module
  • New scanning module (NEW)

Allowance module:

  • The option to settle expenses incurred abroad as a lump sum was introduced
  • Settling expenses for trips lasting exactly 1d 8h was improved
  • New allowance rates effective as of 1 March 2016

Download Tachospeed update 2.711 (Plik EXE, 144 MB)

Tachospeed HOTFIX 2.701 (02.12.2015)

General changes in the software:

  • the process of generating inspection reports concerning very serious infringements was improved
  • the readout of information about places and exceeded limits from the chart for the purposes of controlling working time in Germany and Norway was improved
  • the date of the statement for the “Infringement Statement” report is set to the system date by default
  • Serbian language encoding was improved
  • Time limit fields in the driver editor for the non-police version were unlocked

Download Tachospeed update 2.701 (Plik EXE, 169 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.70 (23.10.2015)

General changes in the software::

  • An option to select the version of the attestation of activities according to individual preferences
  • The process of switching from the calendar to the window for generating attestations of activities was improved
  • Information about the employee and the report title were added to the printout of the overall list of attestations of activities and to the printout of editing working hours in Germany/Norway
  • The prompt concerning the vehicle for the digital data in the calendar was restored
  • Complete translations for 12 languages were introduced
  • Other minor alterations improving the comfort of using the software

Control module:

  • Risk assessment report was made more detailed

Timesheet module:

  • Bilingual working time report for Germany was introduced (NEW!)
  • Bilingual working time report for Norway was introduced (NEW!)
  • Summary timesheet report and Invidual timesheet report– information about the TOIL settings was added

Digital module:

  • Digital data import report from the driver’s file was introduced (NEW)
  • Digital data import report from the vehicle’s file was introduced (NEW)

Analogue module:

  • Option to test the new chart edit module was introduced
  • Minimum active time from 1 minute (Old Chart Module) was restored
  • Improvements in the operation of the beta version of the New Chart Module

In order to activate the module, please go to the program’s general settings, select the chart edit tab, and tick the option: Use the new chart recognition module.


  • Croatian: information about activities is now correctly shown on calendar and activities window
  • Corrected time zones for Russia

Changes included from older versions:

General changes in the software:

  • New vehicle, driver, and semi-trailer editors (2.69)

Control module:

  • Italian penalties were added (2.69)
  • Detection of weekly resting periods for the purposes of Serbian regulations was adjusted (2.69)

Timesheet module:

  • Working time calculation for Norway was added (2.69)
  • An absence report may also be created for employees with no absences during the selected accounting period (2.69)
  • An option to disable creating registry reports for employees with no activity during an accounting period (in the program’s main options) (2.69)
  • The readout of the borders of the saved business trip files for the purposes of calculating working time for Germany and Norway was improved (2.69)
  • Working time calculation for Germany and Norway includes activities from outside the accounting period that could have influenced the first and the last day. (2.69)

Digital module:

  • A new module for downloading data via FTP (2.69)
  • Modified operation of some types of tachographs during readout (2.69)

Analogue module:

  • Option to test the new chart edit module was first introduced (2.69)

Download Tachospeed update 2.70 (Plik EXE, 142 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.68 (30.04.2015 r.)

  • control module
    • new features:
      • the possibility to choose the person issuing the certificate 561 was added
    • improvements:
      • the section of the weekly rest assignment at end/start of week was corrected
      • the appearance of the certificate for the BAG was improved (the occasional graphic errors were removed)
  • digital module
    • new features:
      • the option to ignore the last tachograph entry was divided so as to enable it independently for both slots
    • improvements:
      • the direct readout of the tachograph by the computer was corrected
      • at the activity format, letter K appeared correctly for a specific day if activities were recorded but the distance travelled was equal to 0
  • other changes
    • new features:
      • a report with a drivers’ list was added
      • a driver’s occupational health and safety examination date was added
      • a date of the next inspection of the refrigerating unit and a date of the next UDT inspection of the vehicle lift were added
      • a number of changes were made to the Belarusian version of the software
      • the country marker option was added in the daily diagrams (entries concerning the locations)
    • improvements:
      • communication with fast scanners was improved
      • downloading and display of information on lost and stolen cards were improved
      • small corrections in the appearance of reports
      • the operation of editors (drivers, vehicles, etc.) was improved

Download Tachospeed update 2.68 (Plik EXE, 134 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.67.1 HOTFIX (10.03.2015 r.)

  • improvements:
    • improved database integrity test
    • minor corrections for multiple scanners configurations

Tachospeed update 2.67 (05.03.2015 r.)

  • control module
    • improvements:
      • the operation of the Serbian rate schedule
      • the report shows the selector errors which are correctly added to the number of violations
      • the control report/reminder to an employee optionally contains comments entered during edition of disks
  • drivers’ timesheets module
    • new features:
      • the possibility was added to specify the time worked in Germany for each 24-hour worker period (the values are generated automatically based on data on locations from the disks and from the digital tachograph); in the case of individual record keeping, it is possible to correct them; the information is sent to the payroll module
    • improvements:
      • the display of sums in the activity window was corrected
  • business trip module
    • new features:
      • possibility to separate the per diem currency and the lodging currency
    • improvements:
      • small corrections in the business trip module
  • reports
    • new features:
      • the report titled “statement certificate driver employment” in English was added
    • improvements:
      • small corrections in the appearance of the reports
  • other changes
    • new features:
      • a contact form for submitting comments and problems (accessed from the “help” menu)
    • improvements:
      • several errors that rarely occur during operation with editors (drivers, vehicles) were eliminated
      • the certificates recorded in the database are now correctly sorted in the report
      • the display of the data sources in the calendar was corrected
      • small changes in the data entry in different locations in the software

Download Tachospeed update 2.67.1 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.66 (23.01.2015 r.)

  • control module
    • corrections:
      • the report language selection after activation of the expanded control module was corrected and supplemented
      • the identification of violations related to compensation for weekly rest was corrected
      • the rarely occurring error related to the ferry rest in the crew was eliminated
  • record-keeping module
    • new functionality:
      • a new type of activity – parental leave – was added
      • the information in the absence report is not grouped
    • corrections:
      • the error occurring during generation of the absence report was eliminated
      • numerous corrections pertaining to collective report generation
  • digital module
    • new functionality:
      • verification of files modified by the software for data exchange in DDD files
    • corrections:
      • the errors related to the date format occurring during import of digital files were removed
  • reports
    • corrections:
      • the display of pictograms in certain reports was corrected
  • others
    • new functionality:
      • a field with comments was added to the semi-trailer editor
      • the specimen of the certificate for regulation 561 was updated
    • corrections:
      • the operation of the software with non-standard date format settings was corrected
      • proper handling of the date and the time in the 561 certificate window
      • the appearance of the software and the reports in the Russian-language version was corrected
      • small corrections related to the selection of the base

Download Tachospeed update 2.66 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.65 (16.12.2014 r.)

  • control module
    • new functionality:
      • the “driver declaration” report now has the option to show (or not) the penalties
      • a legend was added in the “work schedule” report
    • corrections:
      • the control module was updated with regard to Serbian regulations
      • the ferry rest identification was improved
  • record-keeping module
    • new functionality:
      • 100% rehabilitation benefits were added
    • corrections:
      • display of the columns with the overtime and the duty time was improved in the collective record-keeping report
      • the detailed record-keeping report and the control work time report are now saved correctly in a file
      • the display of violations on the summary of the control work time report was corrected
  • digital module
    • corrections:
      • verification of the Russian digital module was corrected
      • collective import of digital file was corrected
      • update was corrected of dates in the reminder when the option not to show the import summary was switched on
  • business trip module
    • corrections:
      • the operation of the night stay zeroing function was corrected
      • the determination of business trips based on the disks was corrected
      • an error was eliminated in the calculation of business trips that occurred when the time of border crossing in the record was the same as the time of departure
  • fuel module
    • corrections:
      • update was corrected of dates in the reminder when the option not to show the import summary was switched on
  • others
    • new functionality:
      • new language versions: Danish and French
    • corrections:
      • the readout of certificates for regulation 561 was corrected
      • an error was fixed that appeared during manual adding of certificates to regulation 561
      • search for software base in the multi-station version for a limited number of vehicles was corrected

Download Tachospeed update 2.65 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.64 (17.11.2014 r.)

  • control module
    • new functionality:
      • Serbian control module (rate structure, report)
      • Croatian control module (rate structure, report)
      • tolerances for travel duration have been added
    • corrections:
      • operation of the schedule/alerter was corrected
      • errors were removed from the country entries report
      • small errors were removed from the rate structures
      • the control Russian report was adjusted to comply with amended laws
      • the error that appeared when rest ended at the same time as the 24-hour control period was eliminated
  • record-keeping module
    • new functionality:
      • Lithuanian record-keeping module
      • the rehabilitation benefits service was added
      • export of the edition grid to Excel
    • corrections:
      • the identification of exceeded 60 hours of work was corrected
      • corrections in the export of records to Midas
      • corrections in the readout of files with records
      • corrections in the summary of records
  • analog module
    • corrections:
      • the error that prevented adding more than 2 vehicles on the disk was eliminated
      • small corrections in the support of quick scanners
      • small corrections in the view of the disks in the archive
  • digital module
    • new functionality:
      • Serbian event and error codes of the digital tachograph were added
      • support of the Russian digital signature was added
    • corrections:
      • support of the Cyrillic in Russian digital files was corrected
  • business trip module
    • new functionality:
      • support of countries in entries from the digital tachograph: Serbia, Montenegro, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan
    • corrections:
      • business trip accounting was improved for Spain/Catalonia
      • saving of the simplified report was improved
      • foreign currency downloading was corrected
      • saving of options in the database was corrected
  • reports
    • corrections:
      • numerous corrections pertaining to report generation (in particular collective reports)
  • others
    • corrections:
      • recalling of the 561 certificate form from the calendar level was corrected
      • reminder of data downloading from the driver’s card was corrected
      • the connection in the multi-station version was corrected
      • saving of activities in the day view was corrected
      • after the software is updated, it is no longer necessary to enter additional serial numbers of modules
      • small corrections in the calendar view
      • numerous corrections related to the language versions

Download Tachospeed update 2.64 (EXE file; 120 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.63 (23.06.2014 r.)

  • control module
    • new features:
      • generation of protocol and decisions for the amended AETR agreement
      • new schedules of charges: Lithuanian, Luxembourg, Czech, Belorussian and Belgian
      • an overall report from duty roster has been added
      • new option: determination of the date when the driver card was read
      • new option: correction of the last day of activity in digital files (e.g. in the case of files generated by the GPS)
    • improvements:
      • small corrections in the infringements declaration (in the case of schedules of charges with range)
      • summary of control reports for the English and Dutch schedules of charges have been corrected
      • changes and corrections in the module for automatic reading from the tachograph
  • record-keeping module
    • improvements:
      • conversions related to overtime in the case of a part time job in the equivalent work time system have been corrected
      • correction of classification of Sunday-holiday hours when the option of putting the Sunday-holiday period one day back is on
      • correction of counting of hours for infringement of weekly work time: above 60 hours when entered manually
      • correction of display of summary data about days off and absence on the records printout
  • analog module
    • improvements:
      • correction of the error in the discs archive relating to the editing of the disc data
      • correction of the error in displaying the kilometres and discs on the calendar
  • business trip module
    • new features:
      • auxiliary programs for reading the cards (TachoTerminal reader) and for the tachograph (the user can use these programs on computers without the Tachospeed installed) have been added
  • digital module
    • improvements:
      • poprawiono niewłaściwe wyświetlanie okna z podsumowania importu
      • usunięto błąd czasami uniemożliwiający przypisywanie aktywności po zaimportowaniu danych z pojazdu
  • other changes
    • new features:
      • option to unlock the port on the firewall has been added in the multi-station version installer
      • option to add logo on reports has been added (paid service)
      • support of errors for card readers has been extended
    • improvements:
      • Max version: correction of small errors during switching between databases (e.g. display of a company name)
      • interactive view: correction of dates when the cards were put in and removed (always shown in UTC)
      • interactive view: correction of the crew display in the case of an unknown driver

Download Tachospeed update 2.63 (EXE file; 120 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.60 (05.09.2013)

  • drivers’ timesheets module
    • new features:
      • new PIP schedule of charges is now included on the first page of the work time control report and the detailed report
      • option added: “Reduce the Sunday-holiday hours which are also the average period hours”
    • improvements:
      • calculation of the Sunday-holiday hours which are also the average period hours has been corrected
      • error has been corrected which allowed to set the leave on a default holiday day when the option “skip the holidays” is selected
      • texts and translations appearing in the activity window have been corrected
  • control module
    • new features:
      • Croatian table of penalties has been updated
      • issue date has been added to the report-statement (reprimand)
      • risk assessment has been added to the summary report
      • violation description has been added to the simplified violation report
    • improvements:
      • display of data in the entries report has been corrected (countries)
      • small correction relating to the display of weekly rest periods
      • error in report generation that caused absence of attachment has been corrected
  • digital module
    • new features:
      • option has been added to delete digital data older than 2 or 3 years
      • if the digital file signature is incorrect the window informing about a wrong signature will appear despite the fact that the option “show initial import information” is disabled
      • file number info has been added to the progress window when importing more than 1 digital file
    • improvements:
      • sporadically occurring error in displaying the date range in digital file has been corrected
  • fuel module
    • improvements:
      • entry of litres per ton of cargo and settlement period has been corrected
  • reports
    • new features:
      • filtering by activity has been added to the unassigned activities report
    • improvements:
      • settings have been corrected in in the window to issue the certificates for regulation 561
      • page orientation and generation of some reports have been corrected
  • multi version
    • improvements:
      • sporadically occurring error when going to the vehicles view in the calendar view has been corrected
      • sporadically occurring error during the program launch has been corrected
  • other changes
    • prompt in the calendar now shows if a certificate was issued on a given day, what type of activity is assigned to that day, and the vehicles that that the driver used
    • option added to the program settings: “always show the login window”; when the option is checked, on next program launch, in order to use the program the user has to type the login and password
    • display of certificates information in the calendar view has been corrected
    • deletion of detailed actions has been corrected
    • small error in editors (of cities, drivers, vehicles, companies and semitrailers) has been corrected
    • number of kilometres displayed in the calendar depends on the settings of the “kilometres according to the odometer reading” option

Download Tachospeed update 2.60 (EXE file; 120 MB)


Tachospeed update 2.59 hotfix3 (07.05.2013)

  • control module
    • new features:
      • new report: Regulation (EEC) No 3821/85, art. 15, p. 5a: the driver shall enter the symbols of the countries in which he begins and ends his daily work period
      • main control report now contains legend
      • driver’s planner: user has now ability to check (for any timepoint) all controlled indicators, like driving time left or weekly rest compensation needed; available during digital data import and in control module
    • improvements:
      • improvements in ‘infringement statement/written warning’ report
  • digital module
    • improvements:
      • improved import of files from digital tachograph containing activities of one driver registered with different card numbers
  • reports
    • new features:
      • new report: evidence of saved attestations of driver activities (under Reg. 561/2006)
      • attestations of driver activities search options: user can now search periods without registered activities even as short as one minute
    • improvements:
      • collective reports: in case of not enough memory, application will show all generated reports (and a notice), instead of crashing
  • other changes
    • new editors for drivers, vehicles, trailers, companies and cities
    • attestations of driver activities: better handling days with work that are marked as ‘out of reg. 561’
    • main calendar view: added buttons to navigate to first and last day with activities; improved selector for holidays
    • removed minor issue with timezones

Download Tachospeed update 2.59 (EXE file; 114 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.57 (2012-11-16)

  • drivers’ timesheets module
    • new features:
    • (Max version) options were moved to database, now each database has separate options, they can be copied between databases freely
    • new options regarding worktime calculation
    • added ability to generate worktime control reports for selected drivers at once
    • new summaries in reports
    • new report: Conditions of employment
    • new report: Individual absence cards
    • improvements:
    • improved schedule creation (flexible hours)
  • control module
    • new features:
    • Bosnian table of penalties
    • Dutch table of penalties
    • improvements:
    • small changes in “Rest period always at least 11 hours on ferry/train platform” option
    • corrected information about fortnight driving time (90 hours)
    • corrected information about weekly rests
  • digital module
    • improvements:
    • improved check of driver/vehicle in database during digital data import
    • improved handling errors in digital files
  • reports
    • improvements:
    • additional informations about conflicts in vehicle mileage report and charts sequence report
    • significantly reduced size of reports which contains graphics
  • other changes
    • added option to automatically check for program updates
    • attestations of driver activities (under Reg. 561/2006) now can be saved to and loaded from database
    • added tachograph manufacturer field for vehicles (Stoneridge, Siemens, Actia, Efcon)
    • improved opening files through the Windows shell
    • added Serbian cities list
    • other minor corrections

Download Tachospeed update 2.57 (EXE file; 107 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.41 (13.01.2011)

Note! Before installing update 2.41 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.41 (EXE file; 39 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.40 (18.11.2010)

Note! Before installing update 2.40 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.40 (EXE file; 38,9 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.39 (14.09.2010)

Note! Before installing update 2.39 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.39 (EXE file; 25,6 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.38 (2.08.2010)

Note! Before installing update 2.38 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.38 (EXE file; 17 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.37 (20.05.2010)

Note! Before installing update 2.37 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.37 (EXE file; 15,3 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.36 (22.03.2010)

Note! Before installing update 2.36 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.36 (EXE file; 14,9 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.35 (22.02.2010)

Note! Before installing update 2.35 it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.

Download Tachospeed update 2.35 (EXE file; 11,8 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.34 (10.12.2009)

Download Tachospeed update 2.34 (EXE file; 37,9 MB)

Tachospeed update 2.33 (30.09.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.32 (13.07.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.31 (5.06.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.30 (26.05.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.29 (8.04.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.28 (6.03.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.27 (14.01.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.26 (7.01.2009)


Tachospeed update 2.25 (15.12.2008)


Tachospeed update 2.24 (12.09.2008)

Software modifications:

  • ESM to DDD File Converter (we recommend using this tool);
  • corrected Attestation of Driver Legal Employment;
  • improved import of digital data (e.g. saving vehicles);
  • Digital Data Preview Advanced Reports.


Tachospeed update 2.23 (12.08.2008)

Software modifications:

  • updated fuel module;
  • updated data download in timesheets;
  • updated addition of several vehicles on one chart;
  • selecting database when the software starts (unlimited version);
  • digital module (when you purchase another licence or when you have tachoPORT installed);
  • new translations.


Tachospeed update 2.22 (14.05.2008)

Software modifications:

  • tank data import from Orlen petrol station;
  • new functions added to the travel module;
  • adjustment to the saving of rest tacho charts as work in reports;
  • new treatment of vehicles while digital data is imported;
  • other fixes to the software functions.


Tachospeed update 2.21 (23.04.2008)

Software modifications:

  • new fuel module;
  • tank data import from Lotos petrol station;
  • improved export of reports to R2Płatnik;
  • saving rest tacho charts as work in reports;
  • improved maintenance of unregistered vehicles;
  • improved maintenance of digital files.


Tachospeed update 2.20 (4.02.2008)

Software modifications:

  • linking drivers with unsaved activities;
  • Vehicle Mileage Report for digital data;
  • saving and reading reports with the possibility to update them;
  • tank data import from the petrol station Lotos.


Tachospeed update 2.19 (2.01.2008)

Software modifications:

  • data import from digital tachographs;
  • digital tachograph data in reports;
  • individual Driver Timesheets;
  • totalling allowances in their calculations.


Tachospeed update 2.18 (26.10.2007)

Software modifications:

  • new updater;
  • verification system for software licences;
  • editing VU digital data;
  • new module – Drivers’ Timesheets:
    • linking driver’s activity with his/her work time, POA 50, POA 100 by means of the filter;
    • manual and automatic TOIL for overtime and POAs 1:1 and 1:1.5;
    • control of average weekly working time limits.


Tachospeed update 2.17 (14.08.2007)

Software modifications:

  • new allowance module;
  • new Attestation of Driver Activities (days off);
  • fixes of data import from TachoDrive and TachoDrive2 devices;
  • summary Report of RTD Infringements;
  • Vehicle Mileage Report for digital records;
  • improved module of chart edit in the database;
  • possibility of removing charts that are 1 year old and older.


Tachospeed update 2.15 (5.06.2007)

Software modifications:

  • working time in balanced system exported to MS Excel;
  • fixes of data import from driver card – vehicle selection;
  • Infringement Report;
  • detailed report (based on digital records and chart records).

Tachospeed update 2.13 (18.05.2007)

Software modifications:

  • modification of WTD report (weekly summary);
  • individual working time in balanced system;
  • working time in balanced system exported to MS Excel;
  • improved cooperation with Linux system;
  • handling digital records in new reports;
  • improved Working Time Report for selected charts.

Tachospeed update 2.12 (4.05.2007)

Software modifications:

  • improved calculation of allowances;
  • space for stamp in allowance calculation sheet.

Tachospeed update 2.11 (19.04.2007)

Software modifications:

  • improved automatic update;
  • modifications of language files.

Tachospeed update 2.10 (11.04.2007)

Software modifications:

  • adjustment of RTD report to the Regulation no 561/2006;
  • individual WTD Report.

Tachospeed update 2.09 (20.03.2007)

Software modifications:

  • progress meter in digital data download;
  • improved and modified digital data import;
  • new calendar of digital data from driver card (tachoPORT required);
  • viewing digital data (events, faults, roadside checks etc.) from driver cards (tachoPORT required).

Tachospeed update 2.08 (1.03.2007)

Software modifications:

  • improved calculation of travel expenses for every 24-hour work cycle;
  • fixes of data import from driver cards;
  • saving cities;
  • scanning profiles and chart reading profiles (advanced settings).

Tachospeed update 2.07 (1.02.2007)

Software modifications:

  • improved cooperation with tachoPORT software;
  • new Summary Working Time Report;
  • new Double-Manning Working Time Report;
  • improved data insertion for double-manning crews;
  • translation into Ukrainian;
  • saving charts for selected location;
  • automatic generator of driver records.

Tachospeed update 2.04 (05.12.2006)

Software modifications:

  • calculation of allowances without chart scanning;
  • improved and enlarged “Driver Timesheet” Report;
  • schedule of charges added to the control report;
  • automatic descriptions for “comments”;
  • improved algorithm to sum up kilometres;
  • automatic download of exchange rates;
  • improved reminder.

Free Tachospeed updates

Have you got Tachospeed 1.99 or an earlier version? Contact us in order to obtain a free update up to Tachospeed 2.xx.


Tachospeed update manual step by step

  1. Exit Tachospeed.
  2. For safety measures save database by copying the file tachospeed.gdb located in the folder:c:\Program Files\Infolab\TachoSpeed\Baza\ – provided the software has been installed in default location.
  3. Open file of update.
  4. When update is started, insert Tachospeed path (which is Tacho.exe path): c:\Program Files\Infolab\TachoSpeed\ – provided the software has been installed in default location.
  5. Insert Update button.
  6. Start Tachospeed and check its version number.

The Operating Manual for Copying Tachospeed Database

The database, which is the file named tachospeed.gdb, is located in the folder Baza.

The default location is: c:\Program Files\Infolab\TachoSpeed\Baza\

The file tachospeed.gdb must be copied and saved into a CD for example.

For Windows Vista/7 system you must copy the database from the virtual location.

Comments for software updates in Windows Vista/7 system

If your update does not work with Windows Vista/7 system or after you start your update you still have the previous software version instead of the new one, then it is most probable that you lack the licence for Tachospeed updates, that is the folder TachoSpeed.

In order to obtain the adequate licence by the user, you should:

  • find the folder where the software is installed (default location: c:\Program files\Infolab\TachoSpeed\);
  • click the folder name TachoSpeed with the right button of the mouse and select Properties from the menu;
  • switch into Securities and click Edit;
  • on the list Group name and user name find and underline the item Users (NAME\Users);
  • on the list Licences for Users attach the option Allow in the field Modification.

Firmware update for OPTAC universal reader

Firmware software update for OPTAC universal reader.

Download (EXE file; 34,1 MB)

Manual for firmware update for OPTAC readerManual for firmware update for OPTAC reader (PDF format; 486 kB)

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