Czas pracy kierowcy. Ewidencja czasu pracy kierowców. Tacho, tarczki. Odczyt kart kierowców i tachografów cyfrowych. Raport ITD.

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Tachospeed update 2.73

Tachospeed update 2.73 (01.08.2016 r.)

General changes in the software:

  • A new version of reports
  • Creating report history
  • An overview of the generated reports in the main menu
  • An option to print many reports
  • Bulk deletion of reports
  • An option to open several reports
  • Instrukcja do nowego okna raportów
  • A new context menu facilitating the processing of reports was added


  • Registry filters for abroad were added
  • An option to adjust the settings of working time calculation for each country individually


  • Bosnian language was introduced
  • Other minor alterations improving the comfort of using the software

Download Tachospeed update 2.73 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)

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