Czas pracy kierowcy. Ewidencja czasu pracy kierowców. Tacho, tarczki. Odczyt kart kierowców i tachografów cyfrowych. Raport ITD.

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Tachospeed update 2.74

New functionality:

  • [Working time calculation France] All the information necessary to calculate working time in France for long-haul drivers was added
    • calculating the amplitude according to custom user settings
    • calculating hours and overtime resulting from French regulations according to the user’s selection
      • flat rate – weekly
      • monthly
      • depending on the Polish settlement period
  • [Working time calculation France] Employee posting certificates for France were introduced, certificate 15553-01 is completed automatically with basic company and employee data
  • [Digital module] Bulk import of digital files (beta version)
    • bulk preview of imported file status
    • preview of information about the files by driver and vehicle
    • the only user intervention is required at the moment of adding vehicles/drivers to the database before the proper import of data begins
    • bulk summary of the entire import
  • [Control module] Protocol for English inspection in the English version of the extended control module (ECM)
  • [Registry] The “end of settlement period (on the next calendar day)” option was introduced, making it possible to cut off the end of each settlement period
  • [Business trips] An option switching off the analysis of rest periods at nighttime in Poland was added
  • [Reminder] The option to print out only the active window with reminders

Other improvements:

  • [Reminder] Correctly displays information about reminders regardless of the changed databases
  • [Reminder] Reminder about tachograph read date is correctly set to 90 days
  • [Working time calculation Countries] Working time calculation for countries regardless of data saved or automatic place analysis was unified
  • [Main options] The option to open reports after generating them in PDF does not display them after unchecking
  • [Reports] Reports for DE, NO, FR correctly add information about the employee to the report name
  • [Registry] Registry hints hide after another window/application is opened
  • [OCM] Working on enlarged charts was improved
  • [NCM] The functioning of the New Chart Module was improved
  • other improvements streamlining the functioning of the program

Download Tachospeed update 2.74 (Plik EXE, 120 MB)

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