Driver working time. Drivers' timesheets. Tacho charts. Digital tachograph and driver card download. RTD report. Tachospeed - software for transport companies.

Tachograph Analysis Software


Tachograph Analysis Software

Keeping Drivers’ Timesheets and downloading data from digital tachographs and driver cards

Analogue tachographs - tacho chart reading, data analysis Analogue tachographs - tacho chart reading, data analysis

Tachospeed software – drivers’ hours analysis based on analogue and digital tachographs

Driver Timesheets

Tachospeed is used for automatic reading of drive times, rest periods, breaks and POAs from tacho charts as well as for drivers’ hours analysis in WTD reports.

Tachospeed enables to store the data read from the tacho charts in an electronic form. This helps to process and analyse the data while generating the reports. A database can be filtered and sorted according to many available criteria such as the date, driver name, vehicle registration number as well as start and finish location.

Tachospeed modules

  • analogue tachographs;
  • digital tachographs;
  • RTD report + current schedule of charges;
  • Drivers Timesheets in compliance with working time regulations;
  • calculation of drivers’ travel expenses;
  • fuel module – average fuel consumption report;
  • reminder.

What does our Tachograph Analysis Software contain?

Each software version enables you to generate:

  • Road Inspection Report – driver’s infringements with attached schedule of charges according to Regulation No 561/2006;
  • Driver Timesheets – calculation of driver hours, overtime, POAs, night work;
  • All Drivers Timesheets – working time summary report;
  • WTD Report for Crews – crew working time summary;
  • Vehicle Mileage Report – distance discrepancy (odometer vs charts);
  • calculation of Travel Expenses;
  • average Fuel Consumption Reports;
  • lists of important dates and deadlines.

See how much time you gain!

Routines for 1 driver By traditional method By Tachospeed
1. Tacho chart reading 5 min 1 min
2. Data saving 2 min 0 s
3. Working time totalling 1 min 0 s
4. Verification with AETR 15 min 10 s
5. Generating driver timesheet 15 min 10 s
TOTAL 38 min 1 min 20 s
6. Generating weekly WTD report 7 x 38 min 7 x 1 min 20 s
WEEKLY TOTAL 266 min 9 min 20 s
TIME GAINED: 4 hours 15 minutes per week

What else?

Routines for 1 driver By traditional method By Tachospeed
1. Allowance calculation 10 min 15 s
2. Calculation of fuel consumption 3 min 15 s
3. Calculation of vehicle costs 2 min 15 s
4. Verification of route profitability 5 min 15 s
TOTAL 20 min 1 min
5. Generating a weekly report 7 x 20 min 7 x 1 min
WEEKLY TOTAL 140 min 7 min
TIME GAINED: 2 hours 13 minutes per week

By means of Tachospeed you can save up to 6.5 hours per week per one driver!

You can multiply this time by a number of your company drivers and then you will see how much you gain


What makes Tachospeed so unique?

Tachospeed helps you to download and save data, which is the duty of transport undertaker according to the Regulation No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

System requirements

  • PC with 2 GHz;
  • 1 GB of RAM (Windows Vista 2 GB recommended);
  • 300 MB of available hard disk space;
  • CD-ROM drive;
  • USB port;
  • tacho chart scanner (300 DPI and black document cover) and/or driver card reader;
  • monitor screen with 1024×768 Pixels (1920×1080 Pixels recommended);
  • LAN card for multi-station version;
  • Internet or telephone access for software activation and updates.

Operating system

  • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8  (recommended Windows 7);
  • Linux (the program should be run through Wine software).