Before you update your software, it is recommended to make a copy of the database since you will not be able to restore the previous software version.
It is enough to update the software to the latest version. You do not have to install all the updates one by one.
Before installing update 2.35 or higher it is necessary to install update 2.34 unless it has been installed earlier.
The following updates function with 2.00 version or later versions. Please do not install these updates with 1.99 version or earlier versions.

Tachospeed update 3.09 (24.01.2022)

List of changes:

  1. We have introduced a new module for importing digital files – from version 3.06 import of digital files is performed in two stages. In the first stage an analysis of the files is performed together with a verification of their structure and digital signatures. In the second stage the data is imported and saved in the program database.
  2.  The main advantages of the new import module:
    • accelerated import of a large number of files;
    • Memorization of vehicle skipping in subsequent file imports of the same driver;
    • All important information is visible in one window;
    • clear summary of violations for drivers and potential manipulations for the vehicle.
  3. We have introduced a new activity (activity) editor.
    • The new activity (activity) editor was created as a daily calendar view;
    • The user has the ability to insert activities for days where activities were not recorded from other sources or for unknown periods and stop periods from other sources;
    • Data entry has been optimized over the old activity editor. In the new tool, use the “Tab” button and numeric keys to enter data;
    • The user has the possibility to copy activities entered for one day and complete them for a larger time range including the option to skip e.g. days off or days with some activities registered;
  4. we have changed the functionality of the calendar view – function arrows have been adjusted to the selected view. In case of the year, the user can change the view by one year or to the beginning or end of the data. An analogous solution has been applied in other calendar views;We have optimized GNSS points indication on the map report.
  5. in daily calendar view we introduced activity coloring depending on activity and data source;
  6. we restored the presentation of country abbreviations on reports;
  7. we rebuilt the map report for minus coordinate values;
  8. we optimized the multi version for generating summary reports;
  9. data conflicts – we made changes to the search and visualization of data conflicts when writing to the database. When a user merges driver data that the program has indicated as conflicted, the next import will not again indicate a data conflict and will not create a driver with *;
  10.  file import completion message – we have added a message in the import about the completion of the import of digital files;
  11.  we added support for Russian digital files from driver cards to the import module;
  12.  database – we started work on changing the database component and updating the database to the latest version;
Update to 3.09